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Arrested for a false arrest case in the Bronx Brooklyn Queens or Manhattan? NY False Arrest charges are still serious criminal charges and can carry serious results, including jail, probation, fines, mandated programs, a criminal record. That's why hiring a private criminal false arrest lawyer Jason A. Steinberger can help. New York False Arrest Lawyer Jason A. Steinberger can help if you have been arrested, are under investigation, or wanted by the police for criminal charges. Getting a False Arrest Lawyer or New York Police Brutality Lawyer involved from the beginning of the criminal case can protect your civil and criminal legal rights. Jason A. Steinberger can educate you about Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan and Queens False Arrest Law, Police Brutality Law and Malicious Prosecution Law and give you the criminal legal guidance you need to help with all types of false arrest cases and false arrest charges.

Mr. Steinberger is a FORMER BRONX PROSECUTOR, FORMER ADJUNCT LAW PROFESSOR and BRONX FALSE ARREST LAWYER who is familiar with what it takes to protect your rights, advise you about how to handle your Bronx False Arrest charge and what it takes to get you the best result for your Bronx False Arrest case.

When you know that you have been falsely arrested and/or mistreated by the New York City Police Department, look no further than Jason A. Steinberger to advise you about your New York False Arrest, False Imprisonment, Malicious Prosecution and Police Brutality case.

Jason A. Steinberger has two convenient locations in Manhattan and the Bronx to meet with clients who have victimized by the police.

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