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At Law Offices of Jason A. Steinberger, LLC, we believe the earlier our police brutality firm can begin preparing, the more likely you are to have favorable results. Sometimes, the most positive resolution comes when we are able to immediately file legal motions on your behalf. After 13 years in business, we know how to analyze every facet of information and find opportunities to protect your rights within the Manhattan area. Police brutality criminal charge are complex, and even in cases where it appears a plea may be necessary, you still need a criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

With our 13 years of industry work, we can tell you plenty of innocent people have been convicted due to incriminating statements made to authorities within the Manhattan area. At Law Offices of Jason A. Steinberger, LLC you can depend on us to advise you from the very beginning. If you are charged with a police brutality incident, it can permanently ruin your reputation, whether you are convicted or not. Law Offices of Jason A. Steinberger, LLC can ensure your rights are not trampled within the criminal prosecution process and your side of the story is heard.

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